Therapy Services

Through our therapies and services, we create a fun and engaging atmosphere for individuals with special needs while empowering children for lifelong success.

Implementation services that ensure adoption


Nexus Academy employs the foundational, research-based strategies rooted in positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS). Students have unique challenges and require a blueprint of the support they will receive utilizing the tried and true tools, such as, crisis prevention, applied behavior analysis (ABA), Zones of Regulation for sensory and self-regulation, and data-driven behavior plans.

Training services to help our custoemrs succeed

Therapy Services

Nexus Academy provides speech and occupational therapy. Speech therapy will assist the student's articulation, pragmatic, expressive, and receptive language. Occupational therapy will aid in the development of the motor, daily living, and vocational skills in order to improve the independence of every student. Other therapies will be provided based on a student's IEP.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga offers kids a chance to learn ways to self-calm and improve body awareness. The postures and movements help improve balance, coordination, focus and concentration. With mastery of skills comes improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

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