Educational Services

All parts of the curriculum are interrelated and important to the development of the student. The physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, and cognitive development of the student are all elements of importance within the school program.

Implementation services that ensure adoption


We provide our students and their families with the full support lifecycle, beginning with timely identification of disabilities via standardized assessment and evaluation all the way through real-time goals progress reports.

Training services to help our custoemrs succeed

Specially Designed Instruction

Nexus provides our ELL students with support in the classroom and with modified instruction. Though our students have developed basic communication skills in English, the provided services ease their learning process across all their courses.

partner support services

Social-Emotional Learning

Nexus provides social-emotional support to help our students learn to cope with feelings, set goals, build interpersonal skills like working in teams, and resolve conflicts. These support services help kids who learn and think differently talk about their challenges and build self-esteem.

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